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Custom Headstock Decals for your Fender Guitar or Bass. Expensive repairs can be avoided in most cases with a "do it yourself" approach, preparation and a little patience will get it done. If your not comfortable doing it yourself, look for a Luthier in your area. Its more reasonable than you would expect. Every order includes two decals.

Any time you can reduce the difference in the decal surface and the headstock. You are ahead of your work. So my decal media is thin but hardy, which is perfect for vintage projects that are top mounted. Be sure to watch more than one tutorial if possible if this is a do it yourself project. There are good points in most of them that can be very helpful, if not for any other reason than maybe a new lacquer product. There are only a few restoration quality decals offered and the rest are not even options done in laser or inkjet.

For international orders of two or more and/or custom designs or changes, please make a custom request here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AtexxMusic

We try and ship nightly

via First Class in a Photo mailer with tracking. US orders only. All International orders can be tracked until they have left the US or in some cases to the arrival in the destination country.  

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