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Charvel Guitar Decal in Gold Metallic - Waterslide ( Pictured in Gold Foil) X2



Will print in standard Gold Metallic or Black if noted on the order.

Custom Restoration decals. Micro Dry ink that is waterproof and non smearing. With your order you will receive two decals and a small practice decal. Ever tear a decal, lacquer not just right for your project? then another five day wait, I was that guy. Just one of the reasons I always include a second decal with every order. I recommend watching online tutorials on the installation process and have personally found it very helpful. I always try and ship nightly. Please consider using Micro Sol and apply your decal on a glossy finish, this will help prevent silvering, Instructions for Micro Sol products are available on line as well. Micro set replaces using a few drops of water and helps the decal adhere to the surface. Micro Sol is applied after the decal is dry and smooth by dabbing lightly with a tissue. I have been using a small very soft paint brush to liberally apply Micro Sol and leave it wet to dry. It does a great job in thinning out the edges and melts the decal to the surface for a lack of a better word. My experience with these products have allowed me to be very content with the on top application and a quick coat of any clear just on the decal to protect it.

There are to many variables to guarantee your results, Like anything else the more prepared you are for your project the better the results, I posted a tutorial link below that I liked better than some. I will be posting a video soon of my own application and some techniques that customers have shared.

* Decals images above are less vibrant and not as clear as in hand. I am working on improving the image quality especially for mobile apps. Decals are printed with Metallic and Dye Sublimation inks and are water proof, smear proof inks. No laser or lacquered inkjet used.

Applying and cutting Waterslide Decals:

Cut your decal(s), trimming as closely as possible to your printed image. Place the decal in a bowl of luke warm water for about 10-15 seconds until the decal will slide onto your work surface, I have been taking it out and removing any excess water and leaving it sit 10 seconds. You can test if its ready by lifting it, from the bowl and moving it between your thumb and finger to see if it slides, . Place decal edge to where you want it and slide the underside away from the decal. Make sure your surface is a little wet, (couple drops smoothed out with your finger) to much will not allow the decal glue to adhere properly, use either water or a wetting solution such as Micro Sol or Micro set. Please allow a few hours to dry. Apply your first coat of your favorite lacquer.

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